The advance is a worship project


THE ADVANCE is a band dedicated to worship events and music. They strive to foster an experience of genuine worship in churches, camps, colleges, and events.  They are constantly seeking to raise the bar of music and find creative ways to inspire people. Their aim is to help people to see that every breath is a gift and should not be wasted.

"The objective for us has been the same since day one. We desire to make music that would help people to meet Jesus for who He really is and to worship Him genuinely. We believe that when they meet the real Jesus they will fall in love with Him and live their lives for Him. We don't want people to be religious or to encounter some fake - boxed in version of Jesus. Each one of us has encountered Him in a crazy real and up close way which is what brought us to this objective.   Along the way we have faced so many obstacles and challenges but for us no matter what happens we will always be brothers on this mission together. We hope to sing with you somewhere soon."

- Daniel  - lead vocals, guitar, keys.