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I grew up my whole life in the church as a pastors son. I always served by playing music and helping wherever I could. Around the age of 18 I started to realize that I needed my own faith and that just attending church wasn't enough. This started a long process of God getting ahold of my heart. He showed me that my life is about serving Him and telling everyone about the gospel. Through the next few years of learning and having Christ centered community, God gave me an incredible passion to use my life to honor Him. 

Fast forward to today. I've been married to my beautiful wife for four years and we have two amazing sons! We serve our local church together and want to glorify God with everything we do. God is so good and faithful!


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Hi! My name is JP and I play bass guitar and the piano for the Advance. About five years ago, God got ahold of my life.

I had been chasing down everything that I thought would make life amazing and was failing miserably. God taught me that He knows what I want even more than I do! This is a mind-blowing concept; I feel closely in tune with what I want.

I finally decided to trust Him with everything. This the most difficult yet best decision of my life! I've learned that there is nothing better than telling people about the love of God! The amazing part is that in doing so, life becomes better than ever imagined. How crazy is it that God would design us in a way that our fulfillment in Him leads to a rockin' existence! Life is often difficult, but if we desire to serve God, there is no greater joy; this has been my repeated  experience. 

So, I look to see how I can advance the gospel with the everyday things that God has given me! Some days it's a guitar. Other days it's a shovel or a pencil. Or photoshop. It doesn't matter, God uses all things to advance His gospel. I'm fortunate to be a part of it. 


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I started my journey focused on no one and nothing but myself. I spent all of my time trying to make myself happy and fulfill what I thought would give me purpose in life. 

- What I discovered so quickly was that no matter how much time, attention, or possession of items I gave myself I could not make my happiness stick around. 

God blew my mind because He met me in my darkest day, He made Himself available to me at my worst. This gave me hope because it made it so apparent that God loving me had nothing to do with what I did for Him. What I have learned about myself is that I feel that in order for people to love me or want me I have to either do things for them, or give things to them. Why I was and am so overwhelmed everyday by Gods love is because He gives it to me freely and tells me there that in His sight I am perfect because of Jesus. 

↦ When I look in the mirror I don't see perfection. When I look at my life I see all the ways in which I know I am not good enough and yet God decided to send His only Son to take my death and punishment on the ✝. 

Every morning when I wake up and breathe in a breath I think about how unsatisfied I am with myself and how perfectly satisfied I am with the unending, undying, unfailing, and flawless love of a very real Savior. 

↦ All of us are together in our inadequacies and God is right there in His perfection offering us hope. All that is required is that we believe. 

I am the advance because I now have a story to tell that means so much, I have a hope that is beyond my existence, and I have a tangible love that doesn't falter. 

       - D | S