This February we're heading out to Forest Home Camp in California! We'll be leading worship for their high school winter camps. We were last there in 2016 and are so stoked to be back! Here are the dates we'll be there:

Feb 9-11th

Feb 16-19th

Feb 23-25th



Post Winter Tour

When the three of us get together and get on the road it's usually pretty entertaining. Jp can be found reading a book about science fiction or a zombie invasion and listening to The Deftones. Nate can usually be found editing cool pictures, listening to a sermon, talking coffee, or sleeping. Dan will most likely be sleeping... or eating. The thing we keep coming back to as a team is how no matter what we are going through we are always stoked to be together and to play our songs live. There is something about the energy and meeting all the new people that makes us love what we get to do. Most of the time we come away from events not remembering how well the sets went or if we had a good reception, we come away remembering faces of people and the great talks that we got to have with them when we shared a small moment in time. There are so many unique people and so many cool stories of where people come from and what they are dealing with as humans. We love getting the chance to listen and maybe even pray with someone / encourage them. This winter we loved meeting all the people we did and we had an amazing time at FORREST HOME and HUME LAKE. Much love to you all and keep in touch with us! 

Don't forget if you ever need to chat or have questions -

A D V 




We have so many great stories from our camp experience and we would love to share just one of those stories with you from a girl named Hope. 

Hi The advance! You contacted me on instagram wanting to here my story, so sit back, relax and here it is! I have gone to church ever since I can remember, but it wasnt like every single sunday. It was more like when ever my parents wanted to go or felt like it had bren to long since they had last been there... there would be times when we wouldnt go for three months at time. So up untill these last couple of months, I knew that there was god and that was about it. It all started to change when one of my friends invited me to a youth group, and there was just something in my heart that said that I needed to go. This was at the begining of October 2014. So ever since I have gone to that youth group every Wednesday. In November 2014, The 99 was here in Fresno and I thought it would be fun to go, so I went with my dad {fauther-daughter bonding ;) }. And if you have ever gone you would see this video the played at the end about this little boy who loved trains and all of the different people on them. His dad worked as a bridge builder for the trains. One day the dad took his little boy to work, and the boy was playing by the train tracks. The little boy saw a train comming and tried to warn his dad to lower the bridge. As he was doing this he fell underneath the tracks. The dad had to choose; save all the people on the train or his son. He chose the train. Obiviously this represnts Jesus' death on the cross for our sins, but when it was showed to me in this light, it felt so much more real. That night i dedicated my life to christ. Now your probably like, what? I thought she did that at camp? Just let me finish :D, I dedicate my life that night because thats what i was told to do. Ever since then I felt this deep pain in my heart that i had done something wrong, I'm not sure why I thought this but I thought God was mad at me.. So I stoped caring about god and church. Around this time I began getting bullied at school. I talked to one of my leaders at youth group and she told me that I needed to praying. I said that i would but I was too embarrassed to ask how... But time went on and I just put up with life. Then one day at youth group the paster mentions that Hume Winter camp, and i got the same pull in my heart to go as I did when I got inivited to youth group. There was ony one problem, the price tag. Where the heck was I going to get 200 dollars? So I talked to the youth pastor about it and greatfully, he helped my pay for it! Fast fowarding to the day that we left for camp... I was nervous and scared, second guessing choice of comming, but boy am I happy I did.. Ever since the first meeting at camp, I felt like was right were I needed to be. Thats when I met you guys! When we worshiped all together, i felt something I my heart that I Had never felt before... God. I felt like he was standing right next to me just giving me unconditional love. Whorship for me is the only time I understand anything in church. Normally i would just sit there trying to understand, but it was as if the pastor was speaking a different language. But worship was always different, I always understood during worship. (I think God talks to me through music..) And thats why I love you guys so much! You (unknowingly) helped me understand, and I will be forever grateful. bavk to my story. So it wasnt until the second night when the paster started talking about being a fake christan, pretending, going on your own path... I broke down realizing that was exactly what I was doing. I didnt want to fake it anymore, I wanted to be forgiven by god and accept his gift. I wanted be who I was pretending to be. So I whole heartedly prayed to God and I acceped him! Ever since, the hole that was in my heart hasn't been there and I feel amazing! I just want to thank you again, you were most definitely my favorite part of camp and it is a memory that I will never forget! My life has changed and you played a huge role. Be proud and praise God. Keep doing what your do and know that it does change lives.